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Did the last storm take a few shingles off your roof? Don't give weather damage a chance to ruin your roof. Gurus Roofing and Renovations in San Antonio can repair wind, water and hail damage, making your roof as good as new again.

Don't wait for damage to take its toll. Schedule a roof inspection, repair or replacement appointment by calling 210-405-2193 right now.

Looking for an expert in Roof Leak Repairs in San Antonio?

Are you searching for the best roof repair in San Antonio? Then Gurus Roofing and Renovation in San Antonio is where your search ends. We ensure that your building remains clean and safe without any disruption. Your roof works hard to protect your property against damage by environmental elements. As such the roof needs to be strong enough to withstand scorching sun, freezing temperature, etc.

Customer service you can trust

Gurus Roofing and Renovation is well aware of this. We have been leading in shingles roof repair in San Antonio for years. We always deliver excellence in every roof repair projects that we have handled. We know there is no fun in having damaged roofs. For this, we mainly focus on making your roof repair experience hassle-free.

No project is too small or big for us

We fix the roof professionally and efficiently. At Gurus Roofing and Renovation in San Antonio, we use high quality products to provide you long-lasting roof leak repair in San Antonio. Regardless of what your roof is made up of, our roofing contractors offer the best service as per your need.

Restore your Roof By hiring Reliable Repair Technicians

What kind of roofing issues are you looking at? Gurus Roofing and Renovations can...

  • Replace missing shingles: Missing shingles expose your roof to water damage. Replace them as soon as possible.
  • Fix isolated hail damage: Hail can destroy individual shingles while leaving your roof intact.
  • Install water runoff control systems: Prevent erosion and foundation problems with proper runoff water management.
Whether you've already spotted a leak or you've noticed recent storm damage, call a repair technician from Gurus Roofing and Renovations in San Antonio to correct your roofing problem today.
We specialize in getting your job done as quickly as possible, without compromising on quality. You can count on us for your roof repair needs.